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Get the Lead Out of School Water Testing

In 2022, Missouri Legislation took a step forward in an additional effort to further reduce lead exposure in children by passing the Get the Lead out of School Drinking Water Act (RSMo 160.077) which sets standards for lead concentrations in school drinking water. This Act requires schools to conduct inventory, sampling, remediation, and monitoring at all potable drinking water outlets used or potentially be used for drinking, food preparation, and cooking or cleaning utensils. Palmyra R-1 has completed the first round of testing, and the results are in the link below. We have found all water outlets tested in the summer of 2023 have passed the requirement of less than 5 parts per billion. There were three outlets that needed to be re-tested, and when they were flushed out properly they passed secondary testing. We have also placed filters on those outlets as needed just to be safe. If you have any questions regarding the Get the Lead out of School Drinking Water Act (RSMo 160.007) please contact the Palmyra R-1 Central Office.

2023-2024 Palmyra R-I School District Water Test Results

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