Palmyra R-1 Virtual Learning Program (MOCAP):

With compliance of SB 603 eligible Palmyra High School students may enroll in MOCAP courses at the district’s expense.

What is MOCAP?

MOCAP is the Missouri Course Access Program which is an online course program approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Who is eligible to take MOCAP courses at the district’s expense?

Any student that has been enrolled as a full-time student within the Palmyra R-1 School District for at least one semester is eligible to request MOCAP courses.

Will all requests for students to take MOCAP courses be approved at the district’s expense?

No. It is at the District’s discretion to determine the eligibility of each individual student. The District may determine it is not in the best educational interest of a student to take the MOCAP course. Some examples of denial may include:

  • Requested course is already offered at Palmyra High School
  • Student has been enrolled in the Palmyra School District for less than one full semester
  • Student has not been a full time student in the Palmyra School District
  • Student has not taken and/or passed prerequisite courses
  • The requested MOCAP course does not count towards Palmyra High School graduation requirements
  • The course requested would cause the student to exceed the maximum course load
  • The student is requesting a course to accelerate their graduation date
  • The student has not demonstrated success in previous online courses

If a course request is denied is there a process for appeal?

Yes, if a course request is denied the student or parent/guardian will receive in writing the reasons for the denial. The student or parent/guardian can then appeal to the Board of Education who will release their decision in writing within 30 calendars days.

Will accommodations be made for students with 504 plans or IEPs?

Accommodations will be taken care of through the vendor.

Does taking a MOCAP course effect MSHSAA eligibility?

To maintain full MSHSAA eligibility, please contact the district athletic director or building principal.

Will the district provide time, space or materials to access the MOCAP course?

If the course is approved as part of the student’s normal day schedule then yes, time, space, and materials will be provided by the school. If the course is not approved but still taken by the student then no addition time during the day will be scheduled. The student can use any materials issued to them by the school (example iPads) or available at the school (example computer labs) during supervised times.